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Bobbeeta Sharma aims for Lok Sabha seat by using her fraudulently acquired money abroad

Dr.Tonmoy Sharma is the son of Late: Mr. Phani Sharma is a businessman and a member of the Congress party in Assam, is in serious fraud business in UK involving millions of pounds. The whole investigation to expose Dr.Tonmoy Sharma's fraud scam was led by Antony Barnett, Investigations Editor from
The Observer, Lucy Cockcroft from The Telegraph and Rajeev Syal from The Times.

Bobbeeta Sharma is the current Chairspokeperson for the Assam Pradesh Congress party and is also the chairperson of the Assam Film Finance Development Corporation Ltd is involved in this fraud scam too. She has used the same fraud money to produce lots of TV serials and films for the film industry in Assam.

Bobbeeta Sharma's film industry has been sharing the profit of million pounds, fraudulently obtained by her brother-in-law, Dr.Tonmoy Sharma in UK. Also his sister Sanchyita Sharma has also used the fraud money while making the documentary "Passage".

One can gather only how Bobbeeta Sharma pays the expenditure to make several visits with her film crew to UK,France,USA,Canada,Germany, Austria,Singapore,Australia,Dubai in the name of making documentary such asBideshat Apun Manuh but her own propoganda and glamour.

Dr.Tonmoy Sharma paid all the expenses. Also taking money from every other sources, Doordarshan wherever she could use her influence. She also managed to convince some of the NRI Assamese family (not all!)to provide her and the film crew for their accommodation, food and sightseeing while filming Bideshat Apun Manuh.

In this way she has succeeded to impress the poor Assamese people by her charm, while parading in front of camera at various parts of the world.

Her entire purpose was to get in the good books of Congress party and to get a ticket for Lok Sabha election.

Bipul Phukan
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NRI Assamese doctor found guilty at British Court

The Telegraph
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A psychiatrist who regularly appeared as an expert on the BBC has been struck off the medical register after he lied about his academic qualifications and performed unethical drugs tests on mentally ill patients.

Tonmoy Sharma, who was a senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, has been exposed as a fraud who repeatedly referred to himself as a "professor" when records show that he had never completed a PhD thesis.

Despite this, Sharma, who was registered at the Clinical Neuroscience Research Centre in Dartford, Kent, regularly used the letters PhD after his name and managed to deceive the NHS and some of the world's largest
pharmaceutical companies.

He also appeared on the BBC2 series Mind of a Murderer in 2000 and was often used as an expert commentator on BBC News Online stories.

A General Medical Council panel yesterday found Sharma guilty of "serious failings of personal integrity" after hearing that he recruited mentally ill patients to test drugs without seeking proper approval.

Andrew Popat, chairman of the panel, told Sharma: "Your persistent and wide-ranging dishonesty and untruthfulness, spanning a number of years, together with your lack of insight, is so serious that it is fundamentally incompatible with your continuing to be a registered medical practitioner."

However, after a 10-month hearing, the GMC Fitness to Practise panel found Sharma guilty of serious professional misconduct and struck him off the medical register.

The 42-year-old, who trained in India, was found to have acted unprofessionally in relation to five major studies between 1997 and 2003, involving four leading pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly and the
Janssen Research Foundation.

He also misled the companies when he chose to use identical patients in different studies, subjecting them to MRI scans and tests that had not been approved by an ethics committee. In 2003, he recruited mental health
patients in unsolicited telephone calls and without consent from their doctors. He then failed to give them proper information about the trials - one schizophrenic was simply handed a leaflet.

His misconduct was first uncovered by the drugs company Sanofi, and a complaint resulting in his temporary suspension was made to the Institute of Psychiatry in 2001, prompting an investigation.
Comments: This recent story on Dr Sharma does not surprise me. I was a recent tenant of Dr Sharma at a property he owned in the Canary Wharf area. Last month I and my co- tenants had our lease terminated because the mortgage company took possession of the property as the good doctor had defaulted on many months of payments. We were very annoyed at the suddeness of eviction and disappointed at having to leave such wonderful apartment that was leased to us till November this year. We did get our bond returned.

M. Kennedy, London,UK

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