Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Rahul Thackeray Effect

After graduating from the Toronto Film School, Rahul Thackeray is all set to don a new hat -- that of a special effects guru with the
Keon International Film Academy. The KIFA has been laid out as an intensive two-month Film Academy designed by world-acclaimed film producer and director Rick Bennet who has also designed the curriculum at the renowned Toronto Film School. Smita Thackeray launched the website of the KIFA at a glittering event at JW Marriott, Mumbai on Jan 5. The KIFA plans to launch film-making intensive workshops to the common man at affordable prices. The participants would be introduced to the latest technology in the world of filmmaking including state-of-the-art 2k and 4k HD cameras, Hollywood-lighting, steady cam handling and the latest in audio technologies among others. Keshaav Paneri and Elish Parijanwala of Keon expressed their happiness at coming back home with the workshop, Smita Thackeray expressed that "India needs such workshops," while Rick Bennet said that "He was happy to be in a nation that churns out maximum films in the world every year, adding that he was happy to welcome Rahul Thackeray who excelled in animation and special effects as part of the faculty of Keon." Rahul on his part preferred to remain calm and composed and only say a few words that mattered, seeming to be the kind who prefers to let his work do the talking.

Filmmaker Pamela Sethi who is part of the faculty and actor Rahi Azam were also present at the event.

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