Friday, January 9, 2009

A cheerful Goodbye to 2008…!! & Welcome of 2009 with a Big Smile

Get together to celebrate the Year end Party, hosted by Rajbir Singh was held recently.

The night had glamour, Embassies and cricket mesmerized the gathering. To grace the occasion we had Vaianos Oreopoulos (Embassy of Greece), Madanlal (Cricketer), Vijay Srivastava (hotelier),Ishitta (model),Kyrillos Nikolaou(Cyprus High Commission),Brig. Mohammad Iqbal(Defence adviser ,High Commission Pakistan) and many more…

The whole Ambiance was so spellbinding and mesmeric; all embellished in Red and white with colorful flowers. There was also a Santa giving gifts to kids. Every thing was done with lot of detailing and sharpness. Overall it was complementing the occasion and was perfect.

Everyone enjoyed the party and the delicious food. In the dinning there was continental, Chinese, Sea food and in sweet there were different cakes.

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