Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rahul Bose roots for the Mumbai Marathon!

Rahul Bose feels that the Mumbai Marathon is the best community event to happen in the society today especially after the recent terror attacks. He feels that even after the recent attacks the city should not let its spirit die and infact come forward more aggresively to show their support and demand for better goverance which we actually and truly deserve. He feels that this is the only opportunity that we have to come together and let all the differences melt away. The city should come together to show and share the spirit of oneness.It is not surprising to see street girl without shoes running along with an actress wearing designer shoes. A Muslim shares water with a Hindu. This is the only time when we can demand governance we deserve. We can demand to have a cleaner and a corrupt less Mumbai," he said.

Rahul said that the Marathon was an event that did not demand any investment. "It just demands a heart." The actor also said that in times where the atmosphere seemed uncongenial we needed to think in terms of WE. "I want to leave my niece Aalia a city that is a community of million minds and ideologies, aspirations and opinions, but a community all the same."

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