Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cresting on the Weaves!

The National Lalitl Kala Akademi winner and the Gold Medal UNESCO, Repalli winner, who has also been awarded the Fellowship for Mural Design by the British Arts Council & Charles Wallace Trust – Surendra Pal Joshi had inauguration of his paintings' exhibiton Memory Lines and an amazing installation Tana Bana at the Auditorium Hall of Jehangir Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

The inauguration was done by shri Kamal Morarka in the presence of Laxman Shreshtha, singer Hariharan, Shaina NC, Prafulla Dhanukar, maharani of Jaisalmer Hemant Kumari, Vijay Kalantri, Sangeeta Kathiyawad, Chintan Upadhyay, Vinod Sharma, Kiran Chopra, Padmanabh Bendre, Daxa Khandwala, Prithvi Soni, Amisha Mehta, Vipta Kapadiya, Renu & Bharat Shah, Veronic and many other who's who from the art world graced the event.

Joshi says, 'In my paintings, all the memories from my childhood till date have taken a shape of a line and woven a texture just as a weaver does. And through my installation Tana Bana- I tried to show the balance in the society, our day to day life and within ourselves too. It seems like a 'Tana Bana' so intact that keeps everything contained and held."

When asked to the gallery owner of Art Desh the Studio Bharat Shah about his view as a gallery owner, he said, "I liked the collage effects in the background and the concept is really unique. I found him a very promising artist."

Mr Morarka was stunned with the mystique installation, "It has a magnetic pull and I found the philosophy behind it more amazing."

Joshi dedicates his current works to the Texture and textile weavers from the past helped him to create his works.

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