Saturday, January 31, 2009

Album 'MUQABALA' remix by Shifanjali Shekhar Launch at Rock Bottom......

Shifanjali Shekhar released her second album MUQABALA at rock bottom with close friends and media.The event started at 10pm and went till 12 midnight.Viren Shah was the first to come with Shifanjali for the event.DJ Sheizwood was very happy on launch as this is his 51st album as music director .Ajay and Lovell who are the director of video came on time with Tarranum(singer) and Arvind(choreographer) of the video.other guest who came for the event were Kamaal Khan,Yogesh Lakhani,Brinda Parekh,Rohit Verma,Bobby Darling,Rehan,Gary Richardson,Vasant Bhandari Ratnakar kumar.After the release of the video Shifanjali performed with Viren Shah and Gary for the media and freinds.

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