Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nandana learns martial arts!

Nandana Sen is in news once again! After having created ripples inRang Rasaiya the actress has signed yet another intersting venture--A tips film with Vivek Oberoi being directed by Kukkee Gulati. "My character in this film is in complete contrast to what I did in Rang Rasaiya. It was a challenge for me to take up Gulati's film." Describing her role Nandana said, "I play an undercover cop in the film. And I really had to train myself for it. I had to learn Taikwondo and other forms of martial arts too. I learnt to shoot a real gun too. It was quite an expereince!" The role and the stunt scenes have changed Nandana's outlook completely. "The plysical action has changed my body language. Also earlier I used to fear being in crowded places. My stunt scenes have helped me over come that fear. Even a pointing a gun at an adversary is such an aggressive job. The combat training really helped me come out of my shell. Now I feel less vulnerable in crowds."

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