Monday, October 27, 2008

Preeti Zinta's look alike

My heart is beating keeps on repeating I am waiting for you…………………Preeti Sood.
meet Zinta’S look alike. Blessed with the looks and nature of Preeti Zinta look alike Preeti Sood from Shimla has arrived in Mumbai to make a career in bollywood. Preeti Sood has already Participated in some prestigious advertisment, music , theatre, print add and is looking forward to sign some movies as well. Here is interview of bold, intelligent and beautiful Preeti Sood taken by Rajendra Ganotra.

Q) How and why did you get into Showbiss?
A) While I was working as the guest relation manager (P .R) in Intercontenential Hotel at Delhi, I happened to meet film star Chunkey Pandey and he complemented my beauty and smile, hence I felt elated and decided to join Showbiss.

Q) How did you get into the modelling?
A) Through advertisements , I applied for modelling assingnments and fortunently I got many advertisement like Vimal Jewellery, 94.3 FM. I have done many print Adds and ramp shows.

Q) Do you prefer modelling or acting ?
A) I prefer acting than modelling as modelling is a short-lived profession acting. I have some interesting projects in hand as the lead heroine but it is yet tobe finalised. So I would not like to disclose much about it.

Q) What was the reaction of your parent when you decided to come to Mumbai?
A) Initially they were reluctant but I was quite confident about becoming an actress. Hence I felt Mumbai is the right place and I convinced parent for the same.

Q)Did you face any difficulty in Mumbai?
A) Initially I did face difficulty as I was a complete stranger in Mumbai but slowly now I am establishing myself mainly become of some friend have guided me at the right time.

Q) Will you go for exposer?
A) If the role demands but exposing with any reason is not going to make you a great actress.

Q) Will you go for any compromises?
A) The fact that I am in Mumbai in order to become an actress reavels that I have compromised in every stage of my life, as it is not easy for any young girl to live away from her loving parent. In city like Mumbai every person makes all sorts of compromises without realizing that they have compromised.

Q) Actors are made or born?
A) Some actors are born while some are to be made.

Q) Will you be the same after you become star?
A) Or course, I will be the same but my life style is likely to be change.

Q) Why is fusion music popular in India?
A) Because it is a combination of western and classical music.You are enjoying both music at the same time.

Q) Are you interested in learning classical dance,who will be your guru?
A) Yes, I would like to learn Kathak dance from well-known male classical dancer guru Vijay Shanker who has been teaching seven types of classical dances for the last 25 years.He has also given lectures and demonstrations on classical dance in many schools and colleges all over India.

Q) Your favourite bollywood actors and actresses?
A) Preety Zinta, Rekha and Sreedevi . Akshay Kumar and Salmaan Khan.

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