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Mohe Rest De! Gavie Chahal Snippet

He picked up a dhol and sprained his back. The next morning, he was up on the shoot. Riding a horse and a bullock cart, braving his pain and shot for 16 hours straight.

But after shooting nonstop for 7 days post the shoot, Colors' Mohe Rang De now has a log thrust into the spokes as the lead actor Gavie Chahal's slip disc has played up severely.

The sequence was thus. It was 'Basant Panchami' and Rajvir, Gavie's character in the film, had to pick up the dhol and surprise everyone. To his surprise, he felt a stab of severe pain in his lower back. "After a while, I just couldn't walk. But I had to look joyous and enjoy. After 16 hours of grueling shoot, Gavie went to see the doctor. That's when I found out that I has a slip disc in my third, fourth and fifth vertebrae. The whole body is based on the back, and in this condition, sitting or standing, both are a pain. Doctor told me that all I should do is lie down and rest. At the same, the shooting venue was available for a limited period, and I had to get back the next morning and then the next and the next."

When we spoke to him, Gavie surprised us by being upbeat when we expected him to be down, charged rather than running out of energy and hopeful rather than just rueful. He said, "Yes, I have been injured recently and was about to be admitted in a hospital. Thankfully, my doctor came home with the whole set up and I have to visit the hospital for only about 3 hours daily for acupuncture."

Every so often someone falls on sets, injures a wrist, or has a concussion, but slip discs are rare! The doctor has recommended Gavie rest and relaxation, but the feisty Punjabi munda will not stay down. He says, "I will be rejoining work in two days but my doctor is a very unhappy man when it come to that. He would definitely tie me to the bed if that was possible! "

After a week of 16-hours-a-day nonstop shoot, Gavie is now in bed. He may 'enjoy' two days of rest. And will be back to the sets again. "No pain, no gain," says he. Truly said in the context of the Indian television!

Vipassana Meditation in modern times.

The purpose of Vipassana Meditation is never to cure physical diseases but by mental purification many diseases get eradicated automatically.

The first picture is of Pagoda (The main Centre) of Vipassana Meditation at Igatpuri.The second picture is of Sayagyi U Ba Khin (1899-1971)-He was Goenkaji's teacher and also an outstanding civil servants of Burma.He, who, perserved Vipassana meditation .The third picture attached is of S.N.Goenkaji-As the principal teacher,Goenkaji,as he is known,has been instrumental in the spread of Vipassana Meditation in modern times.

About Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana is one of India"s most ancient meditation techniques.Long lost to humanity,it was rediscovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago.Vipassana means to see things as they really are,it is a process of self-observation.One starts by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind.With this sharpened awareness one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind and experiences the Universal truths of impermanence,suffering and egolessness.

This truth-realisation by direct experience is the process of Purification.The entire path is a universal problems and nothing to do with any organised religon.For this region,it can be pratised freely by all without any conflict with race,caste or religion,in any place,at any time and will prove equally beneficial to one and all.

Vipassana meditation aims at the highest spiritual goals of total liberation and full enlightenment.Its purpose is never to cure physical diseases,but by mental purification,many diseases get eradicated.Actually,its an art of living which destroys unhappiness,craving,aversion and ignornance.

With continued pratice,the meditation releases the tensions developed in everyday life and opens the Knots tied by the old habits of reaching in an unbalanced way to pleasent and unpleasent situations and develops positive creative energy for the betterment of the individual and society.

The process of self-purification by introspection is certainly never easy,one has to work really hard at it.By his own efforts the student arrives at his own realisations,no one else can work for him.Therefore,the meditation will suit only those willing to work seriously and observe the discipline,which is actually for their own benefit and protection.The rules and regulations are an integral part of the meditation pratice.

A student will have to stay on for the complete 10 days.Besides this,the other rules should also be read carefully and considered.Only those who feel that they can honestly follow the discipline should apply for the admission.Those not prepared to make full-hearted efforts will only waste their time and worse still,cause a disturbance to those others who wish to work seriously.

All students will have to observe abstention from Killing,stealing,sexual activities,telling lies,from all intoxicants etc.For the period of the course the student must surrender himseif completely to the Teacher and the technique of Vipassana which includes all the rules,regulations,code of discipline and the course timetable.The surrender shold be with discrimination and understanding not with any blind faith.Such confidence in the Teacher and techniques is essential for the student"s proper guidence and protection.Any doubts or confusions which may arise can always be clarified by meeting the Teacher.

Lastly,students must observe Noble silence from the start of the course until 10 a.m on day 10 i.e the last day.Noble silence is silence of body,speech and mind.Any form of communication,whether by physical gestures,written notes,sign language etc is prohibited.However the student may speak to the Teacher whenever necessary.

There is absolutely no charge for the Dhamma Teaching.The cost of all boarding and lodging is met by donations of past students and these donations also covered all other expenses of the Dhamma.The Academy has no other source of income.

Finally,students should note that their progress in Vapassana depends solely on their own accumulated merits and five factors:full-hearted efforts,faith,sincerity,health and wisdom.

By Rajendra Ganotra

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bappa's Flex Appeal

Bappa Lahiri's Sufi ere Pyar Mein from Jai Veeru may be on top of the popularity charts, but this young music director is all set to not just be a cut above the best, but is actually focusing on his flex appeal as well.
Every evening, the true fitness buff pumps iroon at the gym, working out religiously. And it is not just that. Bappa also makes sure that all this friends work out as well. "I simply love sweating it ot. It is an inspiration, you can say," confides Bappa.Here is looking forward to more melodious fare from this young music director with spunk.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Changing Loyalties!!!TV Snippet

Gavie Chahal aka Rajbir of Mohe Rang De seems to have changed loyalities in life. Well, don't be surprised, we are talking about his role reversal in the teleserial on Colors. Rajbir, who played the top-notch lawyer for the Brits in the show, in a new move has decided to don the hat of a revolutionary instead, much to the surprise of his wife Kranti.

We met Gavie on the sets of his sitcom, Mohe Rang De, says "This is the way I wanted the serial to progress. I love playing the patriotic hero, who is willing to go to all lengths to protect the interest of his fellow countrymen. I am sure this shift will draw a lot of attention from the viewers and attract newer ones. This is a real crucial part of the serial for all of us and we are really excited."

Now that Gavie has shifted loyalities in the show, what remains to be seen is how this move impacts the popularity of his character in the coming time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chip off the old Lahiri

His tryst with music began when he was three. Now at 25, Bappa Lahiri has evolved into a full-fledged music director with Shyam Bajaj's Jai Veeru-an interesting film, the compositions see Bappa give breaks to fresh talent and dish out some ultra-melodious fare. His Sufi Tere Pyar Mein has already hit the top of the popularity charts.Yours not to ask. But to lend your ear. And hear the works of the chip off the old Lahiri.

49th 'Rose D'or Festival of Lucerne, Switzerland

49th Rose Dor Festival of Lucerene happening in Switzerland in the month of may 2009.Urban Frye who is the festival director came to India to do a press conference and invite Indian serials for the festival.The press conference was held at jw marriot,juhu where all the known television personalities were invited for the conference.Shakeel Noorani who is also the Indian festival Ambassador and Anuj Saxsena were the first to come.The event started on time.Chief guest of the event was Peter Specker (consul General of Switzerland).Other guest who came were Annu Kapoor,Siddarth Kak,J D Majetha,Sunil Mehta,Nimai Bali,Anil Nagrath.The last date of submission of serials is 13th feb 09.

Apple music launched new album 'Nazrein milanewali'

Mika and Arshi in new avtar

Apple music launched their new album Nazrein Milanewali with Arshi with Mika .Mika not only gave the music but also sung and featured in the video.Video is hot. was the quote from our chief guest and mika .They also told the media that Arshi is very hot.Harmeet and Manmeet came first with Arshi and Israr Ansari and Raj Suri.Mika was the last to come for the audio release .Guest who came for the party were DJ Sheizwood,Rohit Verma,Bobby Darling,Shibani Kashyap,Ranjeet.The party went till vee hours.There is always controversies where Mika is there.There was a fight between two journalist while taking snaps.Chief guest of the evening was Uttam Kopragade gm of best buses.

Lagi Lagni Shreenath ji ni

'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.[GUJRATI]

The never performed show is finally here for the first time ever, 'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.[Gujrati] Directed by Smt. Poonam Gandhi. The Mega Premiere of the show is on Feb. 20th at Tejpal, time7:30 P.m.

This Musical extravaganza is about Shreenathji leela and the music is extremely enduring .The Sets, music, and the performances by the children who are synonym to innocence will enchant you touching your heart and bring awe in your eyes.

Shrinathji is fondly called Raasrashewar, Nikunjnayak, and Gopivallabh and is synonym with many other names. Being one form amongst many of Lord Krishna, Shrinathji is worshipped world over; and at his temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, millions of Vaishnavs, his devotees, fondly flock the temple gates and the door steps, from early morning till late evening until the last darshan is offered, eagerly awaiting the glimpse of the darshan of their favourite Govardhan-dhari Giriraj Shrinathji and also that of the Aarti performed. Shrinathji blesses all those who visit him with Peace of mind and soul.

Shrinathji's ancedotes are heard of by all, but now you can see and absorb in them in this special performance brought to you by none other than Smt. Poonam Gandhi; in her Musical Dance Drama 'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.

Smt. Poonam Gandhi is acclaimed for her Dance shows not only in India, but she has enthralled people world over with her colorful shows. This performance is her offering to Lord Shrinathji, expressing her gratitude to all what Lord Shrinathji has offered to her.

Produced by Amit Gandhi, Scripted by Kavi Shri Suren Thakar, Lyrics scripted by Kavi Shri. Mukesh Joshi, Smt. Poonam Gandhi presents, 'Laagi Lagni Shrinathjini'.

Film "Ek Second -Jo Zindagi Badal de" -Song Picturisation

A Saroj Entertainment Private Limited 's Ek Second- Jo Zindagi Badal De" film releasing Worldwide

Film "Ek Second-Jo Zindagi Badal De" story is of a girl named "Rashi" That girl whose name is "Rashi" but what is written in her destiny she herself is not aware of there is one proverb- which tells that whatever is written in one's destiny in some way or other the incidents actually happen .but if we fight against it and make the incident happen in a different way- then what will happen?

The biggest prey of the trap of destiny is happened to be – Mr. Vikram Sehgal . Vikram Sehgal is India's famous novelist who had an affair with many girls in life. But now he is engaged with Rashi and they are soon getting married. Rashi was unaware of all those girls who were present in vikram's life.

Then destiny played a game. Incidents changes. Rashi worked in a very big company as a creative head. Rashi moved out of her house to go to office that very same day she lost her job. She reached the metro station tired and exhausted where she missed the train. And now for few hours she will not be able to get train b'coz of some problem. May be these kinds of incidents were bound to happen in Rashi's life. Now from here onwards our story gets divided into two parts. One part narrates that story of Rashi –where she was unable to catch the train. And second part narrates the story of that Rashi who catches the train. The incidents that happened in both stages of lives were shocking and surprising. Rashi who could not catch the train comes out of the metro station, one robber snatches her purse outside the metro station and where she gets hurt. A taxi driver takes her to the nursing home where she is treated, bandage is put and dressing is done. This all was actually written in her fate.

But on the other hand Rashi boards the train fighting with her fate. In the train she meets a person named Oni Parker - who is fun loving, joyful and kind hearted person. After the train journey she reaches vikram's house. On that day she catches Vikram with his girlfriend Tamanna. Both quarrel and fight with each other and Rashi breaks off the relationship for ever and walks away.

On the second part, confused by the trap of her fate, "Rashi" goes to Vikram's house from the hospital – she does not know what is happening. Both the stories of the Rashi's life go on differently and separately .In one part Rashi has Vikram and in other part Rashi finds a boyfriend Oni Parker.

More exciting part of two different stories was the single end of both the stories which was more stunning . Sometimes in life a decision made in one second can turn the way of living of our life.

Really a fight with destiny….in this way it has never been presented on the screen. This is………..

Cast and Credits: Produced by Rachanaa Suniiel Singh , Directed By Partho Ghosh, the shooting is of a promotional song , choreographed by Rekha Chinni Prakash, Music by Arvinder Singh, Production Controlled by Bhushan Agarwal, Lyrics By Pradeep Chaudhary, Cinematography By Damodar Naidu.

Starcast : Introducing Suniiel Singh, Mommar Rana, Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff, Roza Catalano and Nikita Anand etc ….

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bobbeeta Sharma aims for Lok Sabha seat by using her fraudulently acquired money abroad

Dr.Tonmoy Sharma is the son of Late: Mr. Phani Sharma is a businessman and a member of the Congress party in Assam, is in serious fraud business in UK involving millions of pounds. The whole investigation to expose Dr.Tonmoy Sharma's fraud scam was led by Antony Barnett, Investigations Editor from
The Observer, Lucy Cockcroft from The Telegraph and Rajeev Syal from The Times.

Bobbeeta Sharma is the current Chairspokeperson for the Assam Pradesh Congress party and is also the chairperson of the Assam Film Finance Development Corporation Ltd is involved in this fraud scam too. She has used the same fraud money to produce lots of TV serials and films for the film industry in Assam.

Bobbeeta Sharma's film industry has been sharing the profit of million pounds, fraudulently obtained by her brother-in-law, Dr.Tonmoy Sharma in UK. Also his sister Sanchyita Sharma has also used the fraud money while making the documentary "Passage".

One can gather only how Bobbeeta Sharma pays the expenditure to make several visits with her film crew to UK,France,USA,Canada,Germany, Austria,Singapore,Australia,Dubai in the name of making documentary such asBideshat Apun Manuh but her own propoganda and glamour.

Dr.Tonmoy Sharma paid all the expenses. Also taking money from every other sources, Doordarshan wherever she could use her influence. She also managed to convince some of the NRI Assamese family (not all!)to provide her and the film crew for their accommodation, food and sightseeing while filming Bideshat Apun Manuh.

In this way she has succeeded to impress the poor Assamese people by her charm, while parading in front of camera at various parts of the world.

Her entire purpose was to get in the good books of Congress party and to get a ticket for Lok Sabha election.

Bipul Phukan
Read the News:

NRI Assamese doctor found guilty at British Court

The Telegraph
Lucy Cockcroft
Editorial Enquiries
Telegraph Media Group
111 Buckingham Palace Road

Phone no: 0044-207-931-2921

A psychiatrist who regularly appeared as an expert on the BBC has been struck off the medical register after he lied about his academic qualifications and performed unethical drugs tests on mentally ill patients.

Tonmoy Sharma, who was a senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, has been exposed as a fraud who repeatedly referred to himself as a "professor" when records show that he had never completed a PhD thesis.

Despite this, Sharma, who was registered at the Clinical Neuroscience Research Centre in Dartford, Kent, regularly used the letters PhD after his name and managed to deceive the NHS and some of the world's largest
pharmaceutical companies.

He also appeared on the BBC2 series Mind of a Murderer in 2000 and was often used as an expert commentator on BBC News Online stories.

A General Medical Council panel yesterday found Sharma guilty of "serious failings of personal integrity" after hearing that he recruited mentally ill patients to test drugs without seeking proper approval.

Andrew Popat, chairman of the panel, told Sharma: "Your persistent and wide-ranging dishonesty and untruthfulness, spanning a number of years, together with your lack of insight, is so serious that it is fundamentally incompatible with your continuing to be a registered medical practitioner."

However, after a 10-month hearing, the GMC Fitness to Practise panel found Sharma guilty of serious professional misconduct and struck him off the medical register.

The 42-year-old, who trained in India, was found to have acted unprofessionally in relation to five major studies between 1997 and 2003, involving four leading pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly and the
Janssen Research Foundation.

He also misled the companies when he chose to use identical patients in different studies, subjecting them to MRI scans and tests that had not been approved by an ethics committee. In 2003, he recruited mental health
patients in unsolicited telephone calls and without consent from their doctors. He then failed to give them proper information about the trials - one schizophrenic was simply handed a leaflet.

His misconduct was first uncovered by the drugs company Sanofi, and a complaint resulting in his temporary suspension was made to the Institute of Psychiatry in 2001, prompting an investigation.
Comments: This recent story on Dr Sharma does not surprise me. I was a recent tenant of Dr Sharma at a property he owned in the Canary Wharf area. Last month I and my co- tenants had our lease terminated because the mortgage company took possession of the property as the good doctor had defaulted on many months of payments. We were very annoyed at the suddeness of eviction and disappointed at having to leave such wonderful apartment that was leased to us till November this year. We did get our bond returned.

M. Kennedy, London,UK

Kareena is a perfect friend!

Bebo has proved yet again that she is one helluva firend! Recently, she threw a big birthday bash for her family doctor, Dr. Agarwal.

Says a source close to Kareena, "Bebo is very fond of Dr.Agarwal. She went out of her way from her busy schedule and threw him a nice party. She herself made each and every phone call and invited people. A lot
of family friends attended the party. Tushar kapoor, Shabina Khan, Babita, Karisma and many others were present. They all really enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful time. This shows how close Kareena
considers her family friends. She is a considerate person."

"Dr. Agarwal was flattered. He was unaware of the surprise party. He was very happy . He thinks Bebo is a wonderful actress and watches all her films. Dr. Agarwal is a family doctor for other celebrities like
Tabu, Karisma, Urmila and many more", adds the source.

Kareena Kapoor proves that she is a good friend time and again. Be it helping best friend Amrita with health tips or doing a song for her favourite, SRK in Billo Barber free of charge, she is the true Czarina of Bollywood!

Music of film Lottery released

Abhijeet Sawant came early for the release of his debut film Lottery at Powai planet M.Abhijeet Sawant will turn actor from singer as Himesh Reshammiya.He performed and sang all the songs from the film for the media and guest who came for the launch.The release was done in style as it was aoutdoor event.Shreyas Talade was supposed to come as chief guest to release the audio but he was stuck in shooting.Manisha Kelkar and Rucha Gujrati were very happy as this is their debut film.Govind Obhe(producer),Sanjay(music director),Santok Singh(music director)Peter Martis,Soumitra Moitra from Planet M were the other guest who came for the audio launch. The film is going to release on 20th Feb 09 all over.

The year 2008 found Anuj involved, simultaneously, in a number of increasingly intelligent and distinguished projects

A Piscean - With looks that are inspiring countless People now with his new avatar , Anuj Sawhney is an actor whose very name will inspire drooling platitude more about male beauty and about acting also.

Anuj Sawhney is set to l become one of bollywood's hottest properties in times to come,six packs abs ,great looks ,great films what more can a actor ask for says Anuj

Anuj's ascension to his celluloid throne was a long ,as he never got his due despite doing great films however there is so many great meaty roles coming his way now the cool dude has been signed by zee films for a three film contract


Anuj was Raised in Delhi , and enrolled for the MBA abroad , following his academics , he discovered his love for acting, he landed in Mumbai bagged Naye Padosan and here is no looking back thereafter then Funtoosh happened ,Naina ,Chingaari ,Tom Dick and Harry ,Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi etc

With chingaari marked the end of anuj's obscurity, as it was the year he made waves with the film opposite sushmita sen , it gave the actor a much-needed chance to prove that he had talent in addition to physical appeal, and doubtless drew accolades

Aunj's next major role did not arrive until early 2008, now when he has 3 nights 4 days opposite Hristaa Bhatt ,Ye Fassa with Tara Sharma abbas mustan's Mr.Fraud ,Departed etc

He is gorgeously photographed pictures says it all about his new look for the films he is geared up for

Anuj portrayed a free-spirited, strong-willed character in all the films he has done so far , now he has greater opportunity to further develop his enigmatic character with the kind of films he has in hand .

Anuj 's penchant for quirk was prevalent with his roles in the surreal comic roles carried over into his roles he is excited about his new innings anuj quotes 'I am too loyal to my work and this is my new innings I believe and I am giving y 1000% to it ,with my new looks I am getting amazing response and getting seconks looks from everyone I am enjoying my work and new avtar"

Anuj is ready to enjoy the kind of films he has in hand and hopes it will generate success for the films