Tuesday, April 28, 2009

winning any team is an entire team effort say's Preity

Preity Zinta’s King XI Punjab is on a roll after winning two back to back matches. Preity is apparently very happy with her team’s tremendous performance as they came back and made a strong statement to all the other teams. A close friend of Preity reveals, “Preity always feels that winning any team is an entire team effort and she is very proud of her team for having put on winning efforts.

As for any team it is important to have confident to win the game.

Preity further says that she is proud to own such a team that strongly believes in a true sportsman spirit. “Preity has been the backbone of her team. Being the leader of the team Preity wants the full constant backup to her team. She wants her team to get that encouraging force and cheers behind their hard work. Preity very much wants her team to be the best performing team in the series and also to achieve their target. To Preity “Greater the difficulty, Sweeter the victory”, and that is the message Preity is giving out to her team.” Preity on a high:

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