Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kristna Saikia from Assam to the Bollywood.

A very well known and upcoming star in the Bollywood love to place herself as “Kristna Saikia.....also thoughtful in her words ….nothing is permanent ''.

From the beautiful land of Assam, this young vibrant beautiful lady has enough confident to work in the Glamour world and show her unique talent which will take her beyond superficiality and connects her in to the souls of portraits. She had almost worked 3 years in this entertainment industry. She has showcase herself in an many different genre of work includes from Radio to Serials, being from an theatre actress to the ads/commercials that had led herself continue with many TV channels /channels promotions/short films/albums, etc.

While doing lots of print ads there was a realization by her photographers and colleagues that beautiful body curves comes to her body easily and spontaneously. Having learnt Kristna started working on it.

Today, she is an active and a portrait model for painters/photographers, etc. Who wants to take their work to certain using portraits for exhibition or promotion....Kristna says" my work requires me to go beyond my physical frame n connects with the divine source that works through me to bring the different curves in my body''.

Kristna is also put her talents towards writing a book on portraits connecting spirituality which will be completed soon and published. She is also working on aroma therapy beauty products n herbal beauty products as a trader.

Kristna is looking forward to do films both commercial and realistic films. She is very anxious to do for both national and international films. More of TV weekly programs and product endorsements.

In her free time she loves to watch films/read books/cook/or play some indoor games...Listening music and travelling. She is also exploring a part of her in occult science and metaphysics.

'' Acting will always be my first love''...Kristna.


Azhar said...

u mentaly sicked kristna a pscyee doctor thn enter to bollywood.....we r not here to look ur nude picture.....before sayng somthng to news paper think thrice not twice....u hd commented in a news paper that u wl never marry to a narrow minded person.....but i hv a doubt on u ....that wat is the meaning of the word "Narrow Mind".....??????after reading d interview u hv meant that Narrow means covering whole body wth a cloth and broad minded means nudity....therefore u commented nudity is devine.....donot think that u r enterng in a hollywood...we all poeple knw where from u...dont try to publicity in a dirty way...proof ur talent...there r so many wy to proof talent..suggest u to go TEZPUR MENTAL hospital...u should alws remember ur grass root...dont try to forget the below line....KHAR KHUWA AHOMIA...u r representing assam....remember about of luck for nude carreer

Anonymous said...

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Delhi Daredevil said...

Right Said Azhar---

kafir said...

what is wrong with jannat the houries r always not clad in burka.

if she wants to be nude why u bother ??

let there be personal freedom and choice,dotn be a mulla.

aditya dhrub said...

fuck u azhar! from ur comment its look like dat u r sick n need a doctor or in ur language u need a pscyee doctor.
ya! i m from assam, n i m proud of being assamese n on kristna.
i can't find wht is wrong with u if kristna wants 2 be a actress in bollywood. who give u the authority 2 decide who will act or who will not act in bollywood.
u mother fucker, if u do not want kristna to be nude, then ask one girl from ur family or ur sister 2 do nude scenes 4r us in movies.

boinak suda!

sarf said...

Well said aditya dhrub..from ur comments it look like u don't have any reservation if ur sister does a nude scene and u enjoy it with ur friends. If m not wrong is kristna is ur sister?One can expect this kind of comment from his brother as he might be also having a broad mind too..J

Anonymous said...

Hey boys! Let us be practical... as we all know, no one can rise in Bollywood without exposing n without sleeping with its king (queen) makers!! So like other struggling acctresses n models, in order to survive n climb up, Kristna Saikia too is showing off her tits n ass in every photo-shoot! N at night, uncovering same her tits n ass in front of top directors n producers... I wish her luck, n hope she can make us proud by using her mouth n her chut expertly to satisfy those directors n producers, n bag some good roles!

Ronnie said...

Wish you best of luck for your successful career. Don't listen Burqa wearing idiots

Geetam said...

kristna u little slut..come and give of nude photos to assam film industry..atleast someone will be benifited..i m also a me is also not a bad idea

krish said...

I completly agree wit aditya the hell is Azhar to coment on any community or girl, if someone point u like this, u will be barking like dogs, and one more thing...First reach to a level urself then talk to its people, or shut the **** up.

pranab said...

no body has to comment on anyones freedom who r u i think u do this kind of stuff for living bt mind it u hav no right to oppose anyones freedom or to speak about any community u r nt a preacher so continue ur living in ur own life not by disturbing others freedom n critising a community fkr

Nabadeep Saikia said...

Mr. Azhar, can u say that u have not seen any nude pics till now..How funny.And also reminding u that not to insult any community or a place.
Who knows one day u may be at this famous mental hospital..!!!
THINK,REFINE and then insult any person with some of true identities..not like this one..You do not deserves any right to insult.