Friday, May 1, 2009

Firoz Khan - A Versatile person

Actor Producer director Firoz Khan ab nahin rahe. He lived his life
fullest, carried macho image, many people called him Clint Eastwood of
east. Breathed last on 27th April at his farmhouse near
Banglore in the age of 68.
He is survived by designer wife Sundari, actor son Fardeen Khan and
daughter Laila.His son married Natasha Madhwani, the daughter of his
occasional on-screen lover Mumtaz. His daughter Laila is married to
Indian tennis player Rohit Rajpal.

He came from Banglore to Mumbai in fifties with star in his eyes to
become a star. Starting was very modest. In 1962 got break as hero
with small budget film Reporter Raju.First hit was Oonche Log
in 1965. But it took him long to be a A Grade star only in 1970 with
Aadmi aur Insan as well as Safar.
He acted in many movies but is known for the stylised thrillers that
he himself directed like Apradh, Dharmantma, Qurbani and Janbaaz.
He had undergone through a lean period in his life after mid
eighties.resurfaced again with his successful movie janasheen in the
year 2003. the last hit was Welcome, he played as don in this movie.

This year Stardust magazine awarded him life time achievement award,
which he could not receive as he was fighting his battle with cancer.
Flambuyont life style, his love for horses, dogs as well as his human
beahviour with those who came in his contact, are some of the points
which will long remembered apart from his acting and direction.

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