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An Appeal for Investors for these projects.

Hi! I am Simi VanScoy, an actress/writer from Virginia. I have worked on several local Independent productions and am currently working on two STRONG projects of my own. I currently have two completed, registered, feature length screenplays.

A Romantic Comedy - "Love and Alysha"
A dark psychological thriller - "Control"

Please scroll down to read the synopsis of both screenplays.

NOTE: A famous Hollywood actress, her agent has shown strong interest for the lead role in 'Control'. (Email me and I can give you more details)


ALYSHA, an Indian American in her late 20's is a single mom. About 7 years ago, she went home to her old fashioned Indian parents to break the news to them that she was pregnant. Little did she know, that on that same day, they were arranging her marriage. The marriage, for obvious reasons, never happened.

It's been 7 years and Alysha hasn't spoken to her parents. She really hasn't done much of anything except for take care of her adorable 7 years old son, RICK. Luckily though, she has had some good luck with making some great friends. BRIAN, her best friend, is always there for her and has an extremely good relationship with her son. KAREN, ADITI, and MARIA, Alysha's close girlfriends, have definitely helped her keep up with happy times. There is just one thing lacking in her life – a boyfriend.

All of Alysha’s girlfriends make a plan to help get Alysha back into the dating world. They set up an online profile for her which strikes many responses. Alysha goes on blind date, after blind date, after blind date but doesn't have any luck. The whole dating scene gets very exhausting after a while and Alysha is just about to give up, when she runs into JAY - a rich, sophisticated, and extremely handsome Indian American.

Alysha almost immediately falls in love with Jay. Although everyone else around her realizes it, she doesn't even notice that her best friend Brian is jealous of this new man in her life. She also doesn't immediately realize what she has gotten herself into. Soon enough, she is torn between the happy life she has been living, and the cultural life she left behind years ago. And then...


SAMANTHA, a young, independent, Caucasian female who works at a car dealership, keeps trying to kill herself. After the second time she tries to commit suicide, she is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and is forced to deal with the issues that are making her suicidal and angry. Up until now, a normal day for Samantha is one in which she goes to work, sells a car, and imagines herself physically abusing almost every customer she comes in contact with. However, with the help of DR. PETERSON, her overly aggressive shrink who does not take shit from anyone, Samantha is able to come to the root of her problems- guilt from the past. A couple of years ago, Samantha slept with her sister Laura's fiance on their wedding day. Throughout the film, she begins to get better as she reaches out to her sister for forgiveness.

DAN, a young and successful advertising executive has problems of his own. First, it was his porn addiction that he had to hide from his fiance LAURA that made him paranoid. But unable to control his sexual urges, he decides to get some live action rather than just watching naked girls over the internet. He kidnaps a young and beautiful JESSICA and hides her in his cellar so he can make his own porn videos. Almost immediately, his mental condition causes him to grow more and more paranoid as he has to hide his little dirty secret from the rest of the world. With Laura's help however, he is able to deal with his paranoia for some time and he searches deep within himself to try and find a way to let his hostage go.

MARK, a young man who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder also has issues of his own. He wakes up every morning to follow the same boring routines - go to the bathroom, make a sandwich, re-do the sandwich since the first one wasn't good enough, and then write a letter to the woman he loves. He never gets any response from the letters however and he doesn't understand why. People keep telling him that the love of his life is dead, but he refuses to accept this. Not knowing what else to do, he goes out every evening on a quest for love. None of the women he meets compare to the love of his life. None of them intrigue him. And then, one night, at the same restaurant he goes to everything evening, he runs into SAMANTHA......

All three of these individuals start to get better. S AND R PHARMECUTICALS seems to think they have something to do with it. A couple of months ago, they came up with a unique and unusual method of testing their medicine, ZORAC, on humans. With no regard for FDA guidelines, this company skips setting up a clinical study and ONLY testing on humans who have given them consent. Instead, they decide to secretly test on these three individuals and monitor the results from afar. Little do they know however, that someone in the company who does not agree with this secret method, turns against them.....

Sam's, Dan's, and Mark's progress seems to be slowing down once they are given the Zorac pills. Will someone from the company come to their rescue, or will their lives be turned upside down all over again? Will Sam finally let her imagination become her reality and hurt someone? Will Dan go back to his cellar to rape his victim over and over again? Will Mark be forced to write more and more letters to the dead? Will these three individuals be able to control themselves? Or will the Zorac end up controlling them?

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I am looking for Investors for these projects -
also looking for qualified enthusiastic cast/crew members who can strongly contribute to these projects (ie. help raise funds).

Simi VanScoy

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