Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's up with Pooja Misrra?

Pooja Misrra - VJ, model and actress.
So what's up with Pooja Misrra?

Besides turning from blond to a stunning brunette Pooja Misrra has just shifted home from the burbs to sobo.... yes Malabar Hills where she has lived all her life anyway.........things seem to be going really well on the career front for the Manchester educated Pooja.

Besides her daily show on B4U Music called Jab We Talk, which has a 3 crore IVR set up so that callers can call in from all over india and Pooja very graciously solve thier problems....she is also hosting the award winning show Bid2Win for Zoom.....

When we contacted the uber hip socialite who sparkles the party pages every now and then with her million dollar smile ...all she divulged was she is single and is off to London for a show...well all u hot men eat your hearts out!

Just when we thought the butterfly had flitted away, our sources tell us that Model/VJ Pooja Misrra has been busy shooting for Season 2 of her popular call in and sms show 'Jab We Talk' which is on air currently on B4U Music from Mon to Sat at 12.30 midnight. Answering callers from across the country and sorting out their love problems while shooting for over 12 hours everyday is not an easy task for this actor. "Mother Teresa once said that the biggest hunger in this nation is not as much for bread but for love. Even if I can help one person with my thoughts, I would make me happy," enthuses Pooja who has now set her sights firmly on Bollywood.

Apparently the show has gotten glossier, grander and way sexier! We will have to keep our eyes peeled out for this one.U go girl!

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